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Jan 24, 2013 4:30am PST
. >>> and secretary clinton's replacement will begin his nomination process today. senator john kerry will go before the senate foreign relations committee in the first step to become the next secretary of state. to prepare for his new role, the senator will have to sell off many of his personal investments in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest. kerry is the senate's richest member with a estimated net worth of more than $184 million. >>> 4:36 now. today california senator plans to introduce a bill to ban assault weapons in the united states. cbs reporter susan mcginnis says the move will set the stage for a debate over gun control. >> freedom! >> reporter: the fight over gun control moves from the streets to the halls of congress today. senator dianne feinstein of california will introduce a bill banning assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. >> you need to do something about the guns. >> reporter: connecticut senators richard blumenthal and chris murphy are cosponsoring the bill. they say the shooting at sandy hook elementary sc
Jan 21, 2013 4:30am PST
. tom bradies and the new england patriots had to go through john harbaugh and the ravens to get l. it was a dog night but the ravens beat new england 28- 136789 and by the -- 28-13. and this is ray lewis' last game in football. >> when we walked up out of here, i told them, i said we'll be back. don't hold your heads down because we have something to finish. >> the final game for future hall of famer ray lewis been the super bowl. i feel bad for him because he's going to lose that game. >> he's been playing for 17 years. i think it's okay. >> you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens in the super bowl right here on cbs 5. it's just two weeks from yesterday. it's sunday february 3rd in new orleans, kick off time is at 3:30 and the week leading up to the super bowl we're going to have a team of reporters covering the 49ers and the bay area fans making the trip. that coverage begins. >> have you ever been to new orleans. >> i have been to new orleans. >> i think you should go. >> i am going. we're going to have live reports and should be a
Jan 22, 2013 4:30am PST
and souvenirs. even for the biggest fan, it adds up to one big maybe. >> i'm trying. >> reporter: john said his dad might pay for him to go. can i come? >> i got to go first. >> reporter: katherine is a nurse and her boyfriend ray is a nursing student. both are seriously thinking about going. for two people, that's close to $10,000. you are a student? and you got ten grand sitting around? >> no, but i love this one very much. it's been seven years, we're getting close, very close. yeah. >> a big gift. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, $10,000 will buy 263 nfc championship hats, or 85 kaepernick jerseys, but a lot of fans told us today the next best thing to spending money on the super bowl, season tickets at the new stadium. >> watch it here on cbs 5. >>> coming up at 5:00, if you do get tickets, how to make sure they aren't fake. that's coming your way. >>> we're your super bowl station. so we want to see your 49'ers spirit. here is brent, irene and tatiana of fairfield doing their best kaepernick move. and jess in brentwood sent this in, a fam
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3